To manage your account, simply click on the My Account link located on the top right menu of our website.

From the My Account page you can:

  1. Change your Password
  2. Edit your Credit Card Details
  3. View your Subscriptions, Orders and Payments
  4. Cancel your Account
  5. Re-subscribe to your Account after Cancelling (within 90 days)

How To Cancel Your Account 🙁

We are sorry to see you go. To cancel your account, visit My Account and click on the Subscriptions link.  Your subscription details will be displayed.  Click on the ‘View’ link. Your subscriptions details will display. Near the top, on the 5th row, click on ‘Cancel’ in the Action row.

Your account will be cancelled within 24 hours and your automatic monthly subscription fees associated to your credit card will stop effective immediately.   Your site will remain active until the end date shown on your subscription details.

If you decide to re-subscribe to our services in the next 90 days, you can so from the My Account Subscriptions link.  You will not have to pay a penalty fee.  After 90 days, your account, website and all content will be deleted from our servers and you will have sign-up again from scratch.

how to cancel your realtor website